• 25 September 2023

Patients Guidelines Handbook

Imaging department

Iranshahr Hospital Imaging unit has one of the best imaging equipment to help clinical doctors to diagnose disease. This unit provides 24-hour general ad precise services in different parts such as digital radiology, CAT scan, ultrasound scan, Mammography , densitometry(BMD), Panorex  and transferring image through PACS system.Imaging department

Follow-up checkup for treated breast cancer.

Follow-up checkup for the healthy breast of a patient who had a mastectomy.

To check-up women over 40.

The digital equipment is used for precise observation of breast disease and magnification.


Iranhshahr Laboratory is equipped with modern and advanced technology which is supervised by a team of highly qualified pathologists and ready to provide 24-hour sevices.

-cytology,Hematology, Cytopathology and Histopathology, Clinical biochemistry tests, protein electrophoresis and hemoglobin electrophoresis, hormones test, bacteria testing, clinical immunology and serology, parasitology,urine biochemical test, direct tissue fluorescence tests, referral and consult in renal lesions and diseases, pregnancy screening test



The hospital's physiotherapy department, with the help of experienced personnel, carries out treatment of patients in hospital and headquarters to respectable clients. Patients admitted to different parts of the hospital in orthopedic, neurological, general surgery and open heart surgery, and other specialties are subject to physiotherapy and specific and reinforcement exercises, and if necessary, their treatment is continued using various devices.

If necessary or the instructions of the physician, physiotherapy of the patients is continued by using equipment and facilities including electrotherapy, mechanotherapy and manual therapy.

A remarkable point in the physiotherapy section is the use of laser and CPM for patients after knee replacement surgery and ACL ligament repair for sports injuries. The Massage Massage Bed, also one of the most modern devices for removing spasm and muscle aches and pains in some diseases, is in this section.

Foot scan is another service of this unit.


Pharmacy:Pharmacy of Iranshahr Hospital is providing medical services, medical and cosmetic equipment, ready to serve patients and outpatients.

Introducing administrative departments: Managing Director, Executive Manager, Quality Improvement & Accreditation, International Patients Department

Nursing office

Specialty and subspecialty

Iranshahr Hospital has various Specialty and subspecialty wards in various disciplines and is ready to receive from the patients which is shown below:


       Surgery  Subspecialty  Ward







Angiography and Angioplasty







Gynecologist and delivery



Neurology and psychiatry



Cardiovascular surgery

General Surgery

Neurology Surgery

Gastrointestinal-  Endoscopy - Colonoscopy surgery

Ear and Throat Surgery

Hand surgery

Laparoscopic surgery

Maxillofacial surgery

Spinal surgery

Spinal Code surgery

Chest surgery

Vascular Surgery




Sinus Endoscopy surgery

Extra corporal shock ware Lithotripter( ESWL) & Transurethral ureteral  Lithotripsy (TUL)

Surgery of spinal disk lasers without anesthesia

Bone tumors surgery

Knee and hip replacement surgery

Knee (Minisque and Robat) - Arthroscopy surgery



Specialized  clinics:

The clinic of Iranshahr Hospital is available daily with a presence of specialists and different subspecialists.

The clinic includes the following:

- Lung clinic (respiratory and pulmonary diseases and pulmonary spirometry tests, bronchoscopy(

- Gastrointestinal clinic (video anoscope, endoscopy, colonoscopy(

- Heart clinic (exercise test, colorectal echocardiography and cardiac blood pressure and blood pressure, echocardiography through esophagus, eczema stress, Holter monitoring) and internal heart

- Clinic of Neurological diseases, headache

- Neurological and Neurological Clinic (transcranial Doppler) TCD - Muscle and nerve barrier (stimulatory potential) Sensory nerves and brain barriers

- Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology

- Nutrition clinic and dietary counseling

- Surgical Clinic (General, Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Urology(

- Ophthalmology clinic and ENT

- Infectious disease and infectious diseases

- Facial Surgery Clinic

- Clinic of urology and urethral and kidney stones

- Rheumatologic Clinic

- Orthopedic Clinic

- Psychiatric Clinic

- Pediatric Clinic

- Audiometric Clinic, Auditory

- Skin clinic

- Laser Clinic

- Plastic and Beauty Clinic

- Dentistry  (Outpatient Dentistry And Anesthesia Dentistry )

- Extra corporal shock ware Lithotripter( ESWL) & Transurethral ureteral  Lithotripsy (TUL)


Intensive Care ward:

     The intensive care wards are one of the specialized and sensitive departments of the hospital in which patients with special needs and special needs are admitted. Iranshahr Hospital is ready to provide any kind of services by launching a variety of special departments with experienced human resources.   Special sections of the Iranshahr Hospital consists of four sections wich includines a CCU - CCU VIP wards and three ICU wards, including ICU_A, ICU_B and ICU_OH Cardiac Surgery, all of which have a degree of evaluation.

Angiography ward:

This ward with the purpose of providing services for cardiovascular patients. The services include angiography, angioplasty and implanting permanent or temporary pacemaker.

Angiography includes 3 parts: peripheral, cardiac and cerebral. eripheral angiography is used for patients who has vascular blockage after accidents or traumatic patients or patients who has vascular problems in other organs except heart (such as abdomen, brain or other upper or lower organs).

6 (VIP Section and International Patients):

Section 6 of Iranshahr Hospital has been opened as a VIP section and all rooms are private and single-board with the latest scientific achievements and complete medical equipment for patient and patient entourage with a very suitable space. This department is ready to serve these patients as the department of international patients taking into account all the amenities, including Internet and satellite equipment and equipment.

Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Surgery ward

Orthopedic patients post ICU are hospitalized in this ward.Different surgeries such as spiral and neurological and orthopedic are performed in this ward. Orthopedics surgeries such as Joint Replacement , Arthroscopy , Trauma, Bone transplantation an Tumors…...

Internal ward:

Patients with conditions such as Internal Neurology, Neurosurgery and Epilepsy , Stroke, MS epilepsy and…. Are hospitalized under special medicinal treatment. The most complicated bone Tumors surgeries are performed by skilled specialists.

Obstetrics and Gynecology ward 

Maternity ward is one of the important parts of the OB/GYN ward.  There are active labor rooms and  room to give natural birth which are equipped with Fetal Heart Rate (F.H.R) that has a high level of accuracy, neonate resuscitation, anesthesia  machine , warmer and necessary facilities. In delivery ward the midwife, on duty gives the complete information about advantages of natural birth.so the patient decides with complete awareness how to give birth. Midwives and nurses in neonate and labor ward also give information about how to take care of the neonate, how to breast-feed an answer all the other questions. In laboring ward, the patient's relatives and family can accompany the patient and even the husband can visit. Doctor and midwives are with the patient all the time.

Neonatal ward:The medical center has gotten the first-rate rank  among the mother and neonate friendly hospitals. Mother and neonate are kept in the same room. This ward teaches breast-feeding to mothers and gives educational book to them. Neonates and children under 12 are hospitalized in this ward.

Delivery ward:Midwives consult patient 24-hour over the phone .The maternity ward is in fact one of the important parts of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. One of the benefits of the Iranshahr Hospital in this regard is that all four sections of obstetrics and childbirth and babies and babies are located on the same floor and adjacent, and patients can easily At any moment, access to these sections.The maternity ward has active LDR (Laboratory and delivery room) with the latest scientific achievements and complete medical equipment for normal delivery. In the maternity ward of the hospital, the benefits of normal vaginal delivery are fully explained to the patient by the midwife. To decide on the patient with complete information about delivery. Also, after delivery, the midwife colleagues, along with other nursing staff in the neonatal department and the delivery department, will be responsible for the care of the baby, lactation, and other patient questions and provide the necessary training.

Operating room: (OR( Iranshahr hospital operating room ward is one of the well-equipped ward. Many specialists from different medical majors are operating and treating patients. This ward has an endoscopy room with different endoscopes, open-heart surgery room and operating rooms for orthopedic, brain and general surgeries, gynecology and orology. We can give arthroscopy, laparoscopy and C-ARM services.

Emergency Room: Iranshahr hospital emergency ward is the entrance link of outpatients. 24-hour room which is ready to give emergency and outpatient treatments to all our citizen.

Dialysis ward: Chronic renal failure (C.R.F), Hemodialysis or blood dialysis ward is actually patients who suffer from chronic renal failure get outpatient treatment. Emergency patients and patients from other ward can be transferred to this unit for getting blood dialysis.

ESWL:Extra corporal shock ware Lithotripter( ESWL) & Transurethral ureteral  Lithotripsy (TUL)