• 02 February 2023


Specialized  clinics:

The clinic of Iranshahr Hospital is available daily with a presence of specialists and different subspecialists.

 The clinic includes the following:

- Lung clinic (respiratory and pulmonary diseases and pulmonary spirometry tests, bronchoscopy(

- Gastrointestinal clinic (video anoscope, endoscopy, colonoscopy(

- Heart clinic (exercise test, colorectal echocardiography and cardiac blood pressure and blood pressure, echocardiography through esophagus, eczema stress, Holter monitoring) and internal heart

- Clinic of Neurological diseases, headache

- Neurological and Neurological Clinic (transcranial Doppler) TCD - Muscle and nerve barrier (stimulatory potential) Sensory nerves and brain barriers

- Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology

- Nutrition clinic and dietary counseling

- Surgical Clinic (General, Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Urology(

- Ophthalmology clinic and ENT

- Infectious disease and infectious diseases

- Facial Surgery Clinic

- Clinic of urology and urethral and kidney stones

- Rheumatologic Clinic

- Orthopedic Clinic

- Psychiatric Clinic

- Pediatric Clinic

- Audiometric Clinic, Auditory

- Skin clinic

- Laser Clinic

- Plastic and Beauty Clinic

- Dentistry  (Outpatient Dentistry And Anesthesia Dentistry )

- Extra corporal shock ware Lithotripter( ESWL) & Transurethral ureteral  Lithotripsy (TUL)